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​​Finishing  Sofe Sheen

​​Coverage >140 to 160 sq.ft/L

​Drying Time 4-6 Hours

Coats 2 coats

​washability​ Best in Class

Available Packs 1,4,10,20

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Product Description​

royale atmos

Air Purifying Paint that reduces the pollution levels in your home

Royale Atmos is an Air Purifying Paint that reduces the pollution levels in your home by neutralizing formaldehyde (a harmful pollutant). Its Activated Carbon Technology absorbs select household malodours and improves indoor air quality. Royale Atmos also emits a soothing fragrance after painting.

​It neutralizes formaldehyde, a harmful indoor air pollutant, and makes the indoor air healthier to breathe.

​It absorbs various odours like cigarette smoke, rotten eggs, ammonia and garlic therefore making the indoor air fresh to breathe.

​It emits a soothing fresh fragrance.

Fortifies your walls against tough stains, increases durability and reinforces the strength of the paint film. Comparable to the best interior emulsions across the world, it protects your walls against the toughest household and water based stains.

​​The promise of Green Assure from Asian Paints, implies that this product conforms to strict international environmental and safety standards.

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neutralizes indoor air pollutant

absorbs malodours

releases fragrance

green assure

​Teflon™ surface protector

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