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Appearance of a darker/denser color or higher sheen where two layers overlap during paint application


  1. Failure to maintain a "wet edge" when painting. Essentially, some areas are receiving 2 coats.
  2. Painting on an unsealed surface.
  3. Painting under high temperatures.


Maintain a wet edge. When painting, apply paint in the unpainted area first and then back into the wet paint surface. This technique will produce a smooth, uniform appearance. Work in manageable-size areas; plan for interruptions at a natural break, such as a window, door, or corner.

Prime the surface with the appropriate primer to prevent the paint from soaking into the surface and drying too quickly.

Follow label and data page directions for the appropriate environmental conditions.

Begin rolling at a corner near the ceiling and work down the wall in three-foot-square sections.

Spread the paint in an "N" pattern, starting rolling from a dry area into the wet area.

Cross-roll to fill in the "N".

Finish with light, downward, parallel strokes to uniform the finish.


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